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7 Reasons Why Holiday Parks are More Fun to Stay at Than Hotels

Holidays should be a time for fun and relaxation, but the type of accommodation you choose can play a major part in the success of that fun and relaxation! While hotel rooms may seem like they boast all the features of a relaxing holiday, we believe staying in a holiday park can actually be a lot more rewarding… And here’s why.

1. More equipped more families and kids

While you have to be of conscious levels no matter where you stay, holiday parks are a lot more lenient when it comes to noisy kids, thanks to the spaciousness and the already buzzing great outdoors.

Not only is there more space for kids and families to play in holiday parks, but there is also usually some play equipment or games available as well. Holiday parks tend to be designed with families and mind, and the amenities often reflect this.

2. Better on the budget

Unless you plan on paying extra for a family room, a hotel usually has limited space when compared to a cabin at a holiday park. Holiday park cabins give you the space and freedom to breathe, without feeling like you’re all crossing into each other’s personal space.

3. Better cooking facilities

Yes, in some cases the cooking facilities will only be a BBQ, but this still allows for much more freedom with preparing meals than hotel rooms, which generally only have bar fridge and occasionally a microwave. Staying at a holiday park means you don’t have to live on takeaway food or restaurants, but can instead cook your own meals and save money in the process. This also means you can comfortably sit around in your pyjamas for brekkie instead of dragging yourself and the family down to the breakfast room.

4. More visitors allowed

Most hotels have restrictions on how many people are allowed in the rooms at any one time. Cabins, on the other hand, tend to be more lax and allow you to have the occasional extended family or friend over without it causing a kerfuffle or being a tight squeeze.

5. More activities

Holiday parks offer guests more simply for the reason that they are a park – there is space available to encourage people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Holiday parks all have their own activities and entertainment on offer, while hotels are limited on how much they can offer in-house guests – mostly just a whole bunch of TV!

6. Easier access to nature

A holiday isn’t a holiday when it’s spent looking at the walls of a hotel room. Instead, stay at a holiday park and spend the night looking at stars or exploring the local nature trail. With greenery right at your doorstep, it’s hard to refuse!